Refurbishing solutions for MRI systems


Philips Healthcare, 2014

Refurbished healthcare products offer medical facilities access to high quality systems within budget. They also enable Philips Healthcare to reuse vital components, driving circular economy value creation.

The Gross Grönau radiology clinic at the University of Lubeck demonstrated such a progressive approach by purchasing an Diamond Select Advance* MRI system and, in doing so, set itself apart from other clinics.

As part of the Diamond Select Advance program, pre-owned components are given a second life. The department's system includes a fully refurbished 3000 kilo magnet certified for serviceability of at least 10 years. It is also fully upgradeable and can  deliver a 50% reduction in energy consumptions vs. comparable systems.

Philips was able to offer an attractive alternative: we were able to get a state-of-the-art machine with premium performance at a price that did not exceed our budget.

Dr. Claudia Bergmann-Köster, radiologist

The essential enablers

Business models

business models

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems are part of the Diamond Select Advance program of Refurbished Systems at Philips Healthcare. This business model allows for magnet reuse and provides a system that has the same serviceability as new systems, and a one year warranty.


The repurposed system design makes it possible to offer a high performance system at an affordable price.


The Diamond Select Advance program is a direct result of close collaboration between Refurbished Systems, the service organization, the market and the end customer.
Reverse logistics

reverse logistics

Reverse Logistics include the de-installation of systems by Philipstrained workers, and transportation to a Refurbished Systems factory by third party logistics.

Loop closed within this project: refurbish

Circular economy diagram

The circular economy

¹ Diamond Select Advance Program was formerly called GreenLine

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